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Switzer Falls Video

Explore the urban wilderness of Los Angeles with

Among the many projects I have going on is a website featuring hiking trails in the Los Angeles area called appropriately enough There are now over 30 hikes on the site and about 1,500 visitors each week. As websites go, 1500 may not sound like a lot, but considering I haven’t been putting much time into lately as I have been busy with another site,, I have to say I am fairly pleased with the response.

This site began as a hobby project for me and a way to build up some copywriting samples as well as putting my production experience, namely editing, to use. It also allows me to practice my videography and photo skills. When I began The Screenwriter’s Journey site last September, Hike Los Angeles took a back seat. At the time it was only getting about 200 hits a week at most, sometimes  less. I recently checked the analytics and was surprised to see people have been discovering the site on their own and I regularly see around 1500 people a week. If I spend some more time on it, I could probably bump that figure up . . . and maybe do some advertising and get a revenue stream going. Hmm.

So I recently took some time from my writing projects and headed back to the woods, the Angeles National Forest to be specific, and paid a visit to Switzer Falls, a historic former resort area that features a shorter two-tiered fall and a larger 50’ fall that can be reached on a relatively easy 2-mile hike with some gorgeous views of the interior San Gabriel Mountains. The above video is the result of that hike. It includes some great visuals shot with a simple Canon T3i with Magic Lantern software installed, historic information, a good-looking host (ha!) and some excellent video editing. It makes a nice example of a travelogue type video that I can use as a demo as well as providing a virtual hike experience for Angelenos looking to discover the wilderness in their own backyard.

UPDATE: April 7, 2018

The Switzer Falls video has received over 3,200 views on its YouTube host site plus an additional 4,300 views on the Hike-LosAngeles Facebook page with a reach of well over 10,000 people. The website is now closing in on 3000 visitors a week. Not too shabby for a site that plays second fiddle to The Screenwriter’s Journey. Maybe I need to pay more attention to this site!

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