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A Plea to Help Me Help You
Hoboken Alleyway
Photo by Willam Gilmore

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William Gilmore

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If you act right now, I'll throw in these links to Hike-LosAngeles and The Screenwriters Journey at no extra charge!
With these two websites, designed and built by myself, you will be able to take virtual hikes, view photo galleries, download maps, learn the ins and outs of screenwriting and keep abreast of latest box office champ.
That's two full websites filled with original online digital content plus the curriculum vitae absolutely free!

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Leafy Pathway
Photo by Willam Gilmore


producer.   writer.   director.   editor.   videographer.   photographer.
and generally cool dude.   generally.

Hello. My name is William, and I’m an addict . . . for content creation. Please, hear me out. It began innocently enough working part-time as a production assistant for MTV’s Half-hour Comedy Hour and the New Year’s Eve Special. But those were just gateway gigs, leading me down a path to larger roles with increasing responsibilities.


Before I realized what was happening, I was segment producing and directing for Jon Stewart’s first TV series, You Wrote It, You Watch It. Then came a long string of on-air promos and trailers for HBO, PolyGram and Universal, as I learned the ins and outs of . . . this is difficult to say, non-linear editing. It was a dangerous new tool, and I couldn’t get enough of it, branching out quickly into After Effects and Photoshop. This ultimately led to creating DVD bonus features for Disney, Fox and Warner Brothers. But as exhilarating as it was, interviews on the red carpet and press junkets weren’t enough. I wanted—I needed a bigger rush.

William Gilmore

Looking for my next fix, I turned to the dark side and Reality TV. Now a full-blown addict, I relished the exploits of The Real Housewives, waded through swamps for NatGeo’s Building Wild and chased fugitives with Dog the Bounty Hunter, where I was shot at, pepperballed and nearly tased while engaging in high speed pursuits. But still, I needed more. That’s when I learned of on-line digital content and social media sharing.


I spent hours shooting and editing inspirational videos for Tuesday with TeeJ, created a website for hiking in Los Angeles, covered political protests and even, God forgive me, dabbled in sketch comedy for YouTube. I became immersed in tweets and posts and Google analytics. It wasn’t until my mother’s pleas to ‘get off Facebook and go on a date’ that I realized how far I had fallen.


I understand now that my disease is incurable; it can only be managed. This is why I’m seeking your help. Continuing to develop, shoot and edit new projects for you or your clients will allow me to channel my addiction into something positive. Applying the skills I have acquired from years of excess, I can create original video content from initial conception to final output.

I am capable of not only writing engaging copy but also capturing gorgeous visuals and transfixing soundbytes that breathe life into stories. In the edit bay, my mastery of three different editing platforms allows for a finalized package with color correction and audio mix. My After Effects skills allow me to create anything from basic lower thirds to more advanced graphics with motion tracking. And finally, I can encode and compress the finished product for delivery to a wide variety of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, MetaCafe and others or deliver broadcast-ready digital files. I am a one-stop shop for all things digital, creating memorable and engaging, shareable content covering everything from hard news to human interest to entertainment specials.


I urge you to take advantage of my experience and skills to create robust, dynamic and engaging original content and help make your next project a leading voice in the broadcast, digital, OTT or corporate markets while managing my need to create and share. Remember, an addict is depending on you.

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