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Georgia Mountain Visitor Logo

Putting Photoshop skills to use to create a logo for the GMV website

After coming off the Tracey Hughes shoot, I finally had some time to organize my footage from Georgia and begin a preliminary layout for the new website.

I’ve basically been looking at colors and textures and trying to come up with an overall theme. It may change quite a bit before I’m through, but at least it’s a start. One of the first things I did was create a logo for the site. I began playing with the concept for the logo back in Georgia. After going through several iterations, I have settled on the above design. I used a little Illustrator to create the mountain shape and did the rest in Photoshop. The red water wheel is the color of the Georgia State Flag and hearkens back to the Appalachian history of the mountains with it’s grist mills and blacksmiths. It also represents the sun rising over the mountains. The mountains themselves are green to represent the wilderness areas of the mountains, fading into the blue swoop for the rivers and lakes. The gold underlaying the mountains represents America’s first gold rush and the gold mines of the area, and finally, the six stars represent the six flags of Georgia and the beautiful night skys the mountains offer with the Milky Way cutting a huge swath through the heavens.

It’s all well thought out in a snappy little design. Will this be the final logo? I don’t know, but for now it’s a nice place holder.

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