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2017 Kicks Off A Return to Tradition

Promos, documentaries, BTS featurettes and a little ENG work to start the year

Emma Watson
Behind the Scenes of Disney's Beauty and the Beast

After a particularly slow end to 2016, 2017 has kicked off to a raucous start. It began with an editing job for The Friends of Zion infomercial, shot and edited in 4K. From there it was a return gig with some old friends at EMC West where I edited a :60 On-Air Promo for the DVD release of Disney’s Moana.

That led directly to writing and editing BTS pods for Disney’s live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. While working on the pods, I was handed the opportunity to script a portion of a long-form documentary on the making of Beauty and the Beast called A Beauty of a Tale. I also edited a large portion of that documentary.

While my focus has been away from editing for a time, it’s where I began my career so many years ago in New York creating trailers for HBO and PolyGram Pictures. But if these few projects were a nice trip down memory lane, my editing wasn’t over yet.

While working on the Disney projects I also picked up several gigs to shoot and edit short social commentary docs revolving around the intense political strife that accompanied Donald Trump’s inauguration. I covered the Women’s March, The Day Without Immigrants, a Planned Parenthood protest, the LAX protests regarding the immigration ban and even a pro-Trump rally. I captured some incredible footage of American’s engaging in the political process and edited 5 different videos that were all editorially neutral, allowing the protestors to simply state their positions.

And, along the way, I managed to get in a few of my own projects including a trip to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve for Hike-LosAngeles. For those who also follow my screenwriting blog, I had several reads for a short film project that I’m hoping to produce later this year.

And to wrap things up, I’ve been working with Inside the Room, a writer’s workshop sponsored by REJ Entertainment, on the development of a TV series. All-in-all, it’s been quite an impressive start to the year. Things have slowed down a bit in the last  couple of weeks, which has allowed me to catch my breath, but if the next 3 quarters are anything like the first quarter of 2017, it’s going to be a good year.

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