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RevitaLash and Tracey Hughes Education

William steps behind the lens once again for another tour of the fashion world

William Gilmore - videographer
William Gilmore on the Set with Tracey Hughes

While I was away on my self-imposed writer’s retreat that turned into a mini-production tour for Georgia Mountain Visitor, I booked a gig with Fractured Code to shoot video for a series of online tutorials about hair style and makeup for RevitaLash Cosmetics and Tracey Hughes Education.

I no sooner returned from Georgia than I was packing my bags once more. This time the trip was a little closer to home: Venice Beach. Now that may sound like a great place to work, but the reality is I never saw the beach except for the very early morning runs I did before my call on set. Once at the studio it was 12 hours of having my eye pressed to viewfinder as I shot

demonstrations, standups and product shots. The nice thing about it was - aside from a really talented group of artists that were an absolute blast to work with - was the company put us all up in a really nice house just minutes from the studio so there was no dealing with the horrendous LA traffic on the 405.

I spent four days wit Videographer Carl Bloat, Fashion Photographer Karla Majnaric and, of course, the great Stylist Tracey Hughes. It was one of the best on set experiences I’ve had in

a long while. The entire crew really clicked, and we got some fabulous images. I shot with both the Sony FS7 and the Canon 7D.

For a guy who doesn’t consider himself a cameraman, I sure am getting a lot of camera work in this summer. Maybe it’s time to update the resume with another advanced skill?

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