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Time Lapse Videography Demo

A collection of timelapse and hyperlapse sequences

Sports and Outdoor Activites Videography Demo

A short compilation of of sports and leisure activities

The Indie Challenge

Behind-the-scenes featurette from the film Subprime

Intercoiffure Color Council

Corporate trade show reel featuring sit down interview

Scenic Videography Demo

A short compilation of of scenic views and vistas

Voices in Unison: The Sights and Sounds of Protest

ENG style interviews and B-roll footage from political rally

Live From The Bowl: Matthew McConaughey

Sizzle promo reel for digital sketch series

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Jib on the Set of Building Wild
Photo by Willam Gilmore
videography captures the story of life in motion, turning the intimate into the epic

Film, TV and Docs Videography Demo

A compiliation of video imagery pulled from projects shot by William.

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