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Orange Grove Blvd.
Photo by Willam Gilmore

writers determine the script, but it is the editor who sets the tone, mood and pace



William Gilmore - Editor
From Song to Screen: Be Our Guest
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From Song to Screen: Be Our Guest

Hike Los Angeles Promo
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Hike Los Angeles Promo

Mr. Wonderslap On-Air Promo
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Mr. Wonderslap On-Air Promo

Editor Credits
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Film & TV

Starz On the Set: The Shaggy Dog

Starz On the Set: The Santa Clause 3

MTV's You Wrote It, You Watch It

Periwinkle's Halfway There

DVD Bonus Features

Disney's CinExplore Interactive

Skoorbyland's The Food Fight

Skoorby's Home is Where the Set Is

Skoorbyland's The Indie Challenge

Skoorbyland's Out of the Frying Pan


Campaign for Catawba

Winstar E*Flash

Wella-Belvedere Training Videos

CND's Inspiration

Promos & Trailers

HBO's The Sopranos Trailer

PolyGram's The Big Lebowski Trailer

Coffee Shot On-Air Promos

The Luggage Jacket Infomercials

NY Jet's Mr. Wonderslap

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